The Southern appetizer board is a beautifully curated spread that evokes the rich culinary traditions of the American South, showcasing smoked thin-sliced meats like tasso and surryano hams as well as chaurice and andouille sausages and candied bacon—alongside a selection of local cheeses such as tangy goat cheese, dry jack (think parmesan) and smoked gouda.

Pickled vegetables like asparagus, carrots, garlic, mushrooms, olives and radishes and marinated cheeses add a zesty contrast; while grilled fruits like peaches and figs and roasted peppers offer a sweet, smoky burst of flavor. Accompanied by crunchy cheese straws, spiced pecans, dried fruits, seasonal jams and preserves and infused honeys, every bite is layered with complexity and Southern sweetness. Marinated crab claws, pickled shrimp and smoked scallops, reflecting the region’s coastal bounty, crown the board, infusing it with maritime richness.

This sumptuous collection is more than food; it’s a cultural experience and a staple at Southern gatherings, embodying the spirit of hospitality and the diverse flavors of the South.