Pastéis de Nata


Introducing Pastel de Nata, the quintessential Portuguese pastry, delivered fresh throughout Pittsburgh from our pastelaria!

Our natas are versatile, perfect for breakfast or a sweet snack; each bite is a beautiful balance of creamy, lemon peel- and cinnamon-perfumed custard and flaky pastry. Made from a time-honored family recipe, our pastéis de nata are artfully crafted with exceptional, hand-selected ingredients, like European-style butter and free-range, vegetarian-fed eggs with rich yolks.

Indulge in artisanal quality with our made-to-order pastries, conveniently delivered to your doorstep!

Our wonderful clients, a well-traveled couple, recently returned from Portugal and graciously shared with us this delightful photo of Russ Grunebach indulging in our freshly-baked pastel de nata.

Their genuine love for our handcrafted pastry is truly heartwarming, and we are touched by their appreciation. ♥️

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GOOD NEWS! We’ve also nailed SUGAR-FREE pastéis de nata — which proudly attain the same beautiful leopard spots as their pure sugar counterparts and are just as sweet!

We were hoping we could get it right, and we did. 🥳 🍮🥐

Via @FoodIsMySavior_Pgh on Instagram