Tara’s Carolina Sandwich™

Truly my signature creation—meet Tara’s Carolina Sandwich™ —inspired by my summer heritage trip to Pittsboro, NC to see my Norwood family:

  • Hickory-smoked pulled pork in vinegar sauce
  • Monterey Jack
  • Bacon
  • Caramelized onions
  • Pickled peppers
  • Homemade Carolina Gold honey mustard sauce
  • Mom’s handmade sourdough roll

We marinate a pork shoulder for three days in white wine, lemon, garlic, thyme and oregano and a pitmaster spice rub; slow-smoke it to perfection by Hubby Jones; roast it to a crispy and succulent finish by me…all shredded and generously doused with peppery Carolina vinegar sauce.

Layered with melted Monterey Jack, crispy bacon, candied caramelized onions and piquant pickled peppers, then drizzled with homemade authentic Carolina Gold honey mustard BBQ sauce – this is a powerhouse of a sandwich.

If you like a pulled pork-grilled cheese sammich or a Cuban sandwich, you will ADORE this.

I promise you—it’s not just the bread that makes this toasty treat! 🍯🥓🧅🌶️