Best Paella in Pittsburgh

For parties of four or more, we offer flavorful paella, delivered fresh and hot to your door!
Tender marinated chicken, spicy sausage (chorizo or Andouille), plump shrimp, mussels and soft rice (bomba is available) are slowly simmered in a sofrito-based, saffron-laced stock in a pan, then studded with green peas and roasted peppers.

Although we offer jambalaya in our shop, paella is not that. In addition to sofrito (tomato) as a flavor base, there are no spices beyond organic pimentón (Spanish paprika) and azafrán (saffron) in our paella, and it certainly is NOT SPICY. You might instead enjoy our jambalaya if you prefer a heavily-seasoned rice dish with a kick.


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The authority on paella is, based in Valencia, which has designated three distinct types of paella as actual paella.

Ours honors the simplicity of traditional paella, which features sofrito (tomato), saffron and paprika, as there is no need to complicate this dish with random embellishments. (Again, we encourage you to try our authentic jambalaya if you desire a rice dish with complexity and bite!)

Most Americans haven’t eaten rabbit, snails, green beans and butter beans in their paella—nor do they want to. Thus, we offer a mixed paella (“paella mixta”—poultry, meat and seafood), a familiar combination which appeals to many. As this is simple delivery paella, and most Pittsburghers aren’t familiar with socarrat (and would likely assume the paella is burnt!), we do not cook ours to obtain this crispy crust that die-hard paella aficionados may crave.

For those who can appreciate our paella delivery for what it is, this dish (platter) is for you. ¡SALUD!

Seafood paella

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Rabbit and snail paella

The preferred imported bomba rice we use in our paella, when bomba is requested

Bomba is a short and fat rounded rice grain that is the opposite of Arborio rice for risotto; bomba absorbs a tremendous amount of liquid without getting creamy like Italian risotto or like Asian sticky rice. Bomba rice grains are more separate.

Via @FoodIsMySavior_Pgh on Instagram

Via @FoodIsMySavior_Pgh on Instagram