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Tara’s mother, Stacey Harris (aka The Diabetic Pastry Chef), was training to become a pastry chef at the Bidwell Culinary School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Rather than abandon her pursuits, she began experimenting with dessert recipes to make them healthier and diabetes-friendly.

Stacey is internationally renowned as a Top 50 Global Diabetes Industry Leader, pastry chef, published cookbook author, blogger and recipe developer who specializes in sugar-free desserts (in addition to sugar-added desserts). She has been featured several times in Diabetes FORECAST® magazine by the American Diabetes Association® (ADA) and in Diabetic Living®
magazine and on KDKA’s Pittsburgh Today Live and The Lynne Hayes-Freeland Show.

The Diabetic Pastry Chef’s popular baked goods are sold in various markets throughout Pittsburgh and are available for delivery.

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My mother (Stacey Harris), author and CEO of The Diabetic Pastry Chef cookbook and global brand, has not only raised awareness about diabetes but has also provided invaluable support to those living with the condition.

Her commitment to creating a supportive community where individuals can find resources, share experiences and learn from each other is truly inspiring. Through her website and social media platforms, Mom has shared her knowledge and expertise, helping people navigate the challenges of diabetes while still enjoying delicious treats. Her innovative approach to developing diabetic- friendly recipes has revolutionized the way diabetics can indulge in their passion for sweets, all while maintaining their health.

Being recognized as one of the Top 50 Global Diabetes Industry Leaders is a testament to Mom’s dedication, creativity and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. Her work not only empowers those affected by diabetes, but also serves as an inspiration to healthcare professionals and individuals worldwide. Mom’s ability to combine her passion for pastry with her expertise in diabetes management is truly remarkable.

It is through dedicated leaders like my mother that we can foster a brighter future for diabetic individuals, where they can lead fulfilling lives while effectively managing their condition.

The Diabetic Pastry Chef

For the millions of individuals worldwide living with diabetes, indulging in decadent desserts is no longer out of reach.

Stacey Harris, a renowned figure in the diabetes industry, has revolutionized over 200 dessert recipes, transforming them into diabetic-friendly delights that cater to a global audience. Harris generously shares the secrets behind her simple yet effective formula, allowing individuals to effortlessly adapt any recipe into a lower-carb alternative without compromising on taste or quality.

Now, diabetics across the globe can savor the exquisite flavors of Chocolate Truffle Cookies, Pavlova, Crème Brûlée, Coffee Bread Pudding and an extensive array of other delectable treats—because everyone deserves sweets!™

From this groundbreaking reduced-sugar and sugar-free cookbook—which serves as a comprehensive guide for individuals at every stage of their sugar-free journey—Stacey Harris epitomizes a true visionary committed to making a difference.