Grilled flatbread and pizza are both delicious and popular dishes, but they have distinct characteristics and origins. Our flatbread, also known as "Southern-style pizza," is a traditional grilling staple of Southern cuisine in the United States. It has a long history in the region, with its roots tracing back to Native American cooking techniques. Flatbreads, in general, date back over 7,000 years, while pizza emerged in the 18th century.

Grilled flatbread is typically made with an unleavened dough—with ours consisting of 00 bread flour, sea salt, filtered water, herb-infused olive oil and sea salt, and is cooked directly on a grill or griddle. It is coveted for its smoky flavor and slightly charred exterior. The Southern penchant for smoked meats extends to grilled flatbread as well. Toppings like smoked sausage, pulled pork, smoked chicken or even brisket can bring a delicious smoky and savory element to the dish.

While pizza has become a global phenomenon, grilled flatbread remains deeply rooted in Southern cuisine, where it is cherished for its simplicity and rustic flavors. The popularity of grilled flatbread in the Southern U.S. can be attributed to its historical significance and the region’s rich culinary traditions.